A Catholic family of eight’s thoughts and opinions on movies and the occasional book. Our family loves to sing, eat, play board games, read stories and watch movies together. Half of us are either graduates of or current students at Thomas Aquinas College.

Names have been changed to protect the innocent and/or the guilty. 😉

Cast of Characters:

Psamwise Psmith: Dad, Engineer, Chef, Math Wiz and Fixer of all Broken Things. (INTJ)

Beatrice Gamgee: Mom, Homeschool Supervisor, Reader, Chauffeur, and Liturgist. (INTP)

George Xavier:  Age 24. College Grad, Campus Missionary, Writer, and Lover of Stories and Beauty. (INFJ)

Walter de la Mancha: Age 22. College Student, Music Lover,  and Manual Laborer. (ISTJ)

Aurora Parker: Age 20. Baker, Healer, Chef, Artisan.  (ISFJ)

Fred Quicksilver: Age 18. Painter, Visionary, Entertainer. (ENTP)

Lucy of Loxley: Age 16. Organizer, Athlete, Peacemaker, Dog Whisperer, Gardener. (ESFJ)

Great Scott (Sommers): Age 14. Athlete, Adventurer, Doer, Leader. (ESTJ)