The Jazz Singer (1927)

jazz singer

1927; Al Jolson, May McAvoy; Unrated  IMDB Page

Beatrice Gamgee Writes: I agree with Walter (below) that this is mostly of interest as an historical curiosity since it was the first talkie. I thought the best part was trying to imagine how exciting it would have been for the audience to hear the dialogue and singing. Oddly enough, we found this in our library in the non-fiction section because of historical complications and potentially offensive parts. And I think our next rabbit trail is to better understand the problems with blackface.

Walter de la Mancha Writes: I enjoyed this movie largely because of its historical significance. It is widely known as the first ‘talkie’. Interestingly enough though, it’s not fully a talkie. It’s more of a hybrid between a silent film and a talkie. All of the audio (mostly music, but with a small amount of dialogue) is synchronized with the picture, but the majority of the movie is still in the old silent film style.


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