Midnight in Paris

midnight in paris.jpg

2011; Woody Allen; Owen Wilson, Rachel McAdams; PG-13  IMDB Page

Beatrice Gamgee Writes: This is a delightful, clever comedy about a man who wishes he lived in a different time period – and in particular, Paris of the 1920s. He ends up having some very unique adventures that teach him a lot about life and love via the wisdom of the ages (with a strong literary twist). In many ways, it’s a movie to relish, with lots of beautiful scenery and music.

Parental notes: There are no graphic scenes, but there is a lot of general talk about sex (not particularly graphic) and relationships, so this is one I let my kids watch only after they’ve taken a course on Theology  of the Body. By the way, once they have taken the TOB course, I find movies like this to be great conversation openers about the sensibility of Catholic teaching on marriage and sexuality. Nevertheless, I definitely recommend parental previewing, because sensibilities and situations differ so much from family to family.

Walter de la Mancha Writes: This film has an enjoyable soundtrack featuring music from the different eras in question together with original soundtrack music which fits the general romantic Parisian theme.

Fred Quicksilver Writes: Picturesque, Nostalgic, Imaginative, Charming, Fanciful, Dreamy, Wistful, Poetic.



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