Yours, Mine and Ours (2005)


2005; Rene Russo, Dennis Quaid; PG  IMDB Page

Beatrice Gamgee Writes: Recently we re-watched Yours, Mine and Ours with Dennis Quaid and Rene Russo. Now, I know that this is a corny movie in some ways and the acting is not always the greatest, but I really love this movie. Yeah, it’s partly that it’s about large families and that it’s so gloriously positive about having kids. But that’s not really why I love it so much. It has this wonderful irony, which we spent a bit of time discussing during my college years about how someone can intend something for evil but that God can use it for good (or if you’re more comfortable with it, it can turn out for the good).

In this case, two large families are suddenly thrown together when their parents (both widowed, but who had been high school sweethearts) reconnect at a high school reunion and get married before the families have even met. After lots of conflict and angst between the kids of each of the families (who are raised with extremely different styles of parenting), the kids finally get together and scheme to split the parents up. They do terrible (and in some ways funny) things to covertly cause tension in the marriage, but end up coming to a double conversion. 1. Once the kids stop fighting with each other and start working together to a common purpose, they actually start to like each other. 2. They feel remorse for the pain they have caused their parents. So, enough spoilers, but it’s a movie I actually end up liking better each time I watch it.

Lucy of Loxley Writes: Something I thought the movie showed was that when you have a closed mind about something you might not see that there’s actually something good in it. If you start opening your mind, you can start to see the good.


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