Jungle Book

jungle book

2016; Bill Murray, Ben Kingsley; PG    IMDB Page

Beatrice Gamgee Writes: My 20 year old son and I went to see this in the theater recently and thoroughly enjoyed it. The music was wonderful – with plenty of nods to the original film. The storyline was terrific. Again, it kept most of the key parts of the animated movie, but without getting stuck in the mud. Bill Murray as Baloo and Christopher Walken as King Louie were fabulous. I loved how they let both actors really play it up as themselves. So fun!!!

The whole movie worked well in so many ways. I love how it portrayed mankind’s relationship with nature and the other animals. Nature is beautiful and noble but also can be quite fierce. The animals are both afraid of man and in awe of him. Mowgli (representing mankind), in his turn is weak and vulnerable but also clever in a way that allows him to construct tools and strategies that make up for that deficit. He has the capacity for great destruction, but also for great good.

Lucy of Loxley Writes:  I like that in The Jungle Book they show that you can use your individual gifts and talents for good or for evil, and especially that they showed Mowgli using them for the good. I also liked that after he saved the baby elephant, the other elephants saved the jungle. That’s true in real life too, because when someone does something good to you, you want to do something good back. I really liked the movie!




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